"Execute like a trader, think like an investor"

A complete strategic framework for the retail trader


Hi! I'm Even. Founder and CEO of Solid Capital.

The company established it's roots mid 2022. We offer financial consulting for traders in the financial markets. More specifically; Forex, Commodities, Stocks, index and Crypto.

So what do we do and how will our services fit your trading personality?

By combining quantitive data with years of experience, We offer consulting for traders that look to trade and hold positions for both short and long term. We do also offer guidance in terms of trade direction. If it's either to the upside or downside.

By joining Solid Capital you will get our guidance in the markets and the privilege to join our Discord Community. We believe that every trader or participant in the financial markets should have a place where they feel they belong to.

"Traders alone, weak. Traders together, Strong" 



Financial Consulting

With our quantitive data and years of experience in the field. We can provide you with thorough guidance on how to approach and execute in the markets.


Become a member of our private discord community. Where you will be able to grow and progress as a fellow trader. You will also have the opportunity to take on various achievements in our community. It's our way to celebrate every milestone achieved.


Solid Capital measure it's performance against one of the largest index funds in the U.S which is the S&P 500.

Solid Capital vs S&P 500 (Year-To-Date). Last Updated 12.2022

What you will get

Comphrensive Analysis Reports. (Stocks, Forex, index, Commodities and Crypto)

Buy and Sell Signals

Strategy Introduction Course

Invitation to our Private Discord Community

Trade Execution and Risk Management

Real-time support through our
Discord Community

Transparency. We Put Actions Behind Words

Earn achievements and establish your status as a trader in our Community.

One-on-One Consulting.


Since quality service is a top priority. Solid Capital have decided to limit the clientbase to a certain amount. If you are interested in joining, please use the contact from below at the earliest convenience to reserve your seat in the community.

Interested? Contact Us:



1. What kind of trading style do we practice?

a. There is a saying, that less is more. That quote is often correct in the world of finance. We practice a lot of patience when we scout for our next opportunity. But once we find it, we go at it aggressively.

3. What do we mean with Short and Long-term trading?

a. Holding periods can vary a lot for a number of reasons. A position could last for days, weeks, months or even a couple of years.

4. What do we mean with upside and downside consulting?

a. We look for trades both to the upside and to the downside. Aka Long postions (Up) or Short Positions (Down)